Nina Di Cara

University of Bristol

Hello! I am Research Associate in Mental Health Data Science working with Professor Claire Haworth and Dr Oliver Davis. My broad interests are in the mental health of children and parents, data science, data ethics and citizen science.

In 2022 I finished my PhD on understanding whether digital footprints are an effective way to track mental health. I was supervised by Professor Claire Haworth, Dr Oliver Davis and Professor Luke Sloan, and based at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit. My work was funded by a Data Science and AI PhD studentship from the GW4 MRC BioMed DTP. Before I started my PhD I was a safeguarding social worker, working with children and families.

Alongside my PhD I co-organise Data Ethics Club, which hosts fortnightly conversations about data ethics (join us!).

selected publications

  1. Data Hazards v1.0: an open-source vocabulary of ethical hazards for data-intensive projects
    Zelenka, Natalie,  Di Cara, Nina, Bennet, Euan, Hanschke, Vanessa Aisyahsari, Kuwertz, Emma, Kherroubi Garcia, Ismael, and Roman Garcia, Susana
    Preprint 2023
  2. Methodologies for monitoring mental health on Twitter: systematic review
    Journal of Medical Internet Research 2023
  3. Data Ethics Club: creating a collaborative space to discuss data ethics
    Di Cara, Nina, Zelenka, Natalie, Day, Huw, Bennet, Euan D. S., Hanschke, Vanessa, Maggio, Valerio, Michalec, Ola, Radclyffe, Charles, Shkunov, Roman, Tonkin, Emma, Turner, Zoe, and Wells, Kamilla
    Patterns 2022
  4. The mental health and well-being profile of young adults using social media
    npj Mental Health Research 2022